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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Declaration of Conformity? - The Declaration of Conformity (aka CE certificate or DoC) is the document certifying that your product fulfils the CE marking requirements and is allowed for sale in the EU/EEA. As an importer, you get this from your supplier or create it yourself. 

2. What products do need to have a Declaration of Conformity? A vast number of products must have a Declaration of Conformity to be sold in Europe. E.g. medical devices, electronics, toys, machinery, and vehicles. 

3. What products do NOT need to have a Declaration of Conformity? - The law forbids to issue a Declaration of Conformity for books, paintings and cosmetics. However, if a book is used as a guide to play a game (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons), it must have a Declaration of Conformity to be sold in the EU.

4. What happens if I sell my product without a Declaration of Conformity? - If your product is required by law to have a DoC and it doesn't, the product will be recalled and you will face imprisonment and/or get a monetary fine. 

5. How can you help me? - We create a valid Declaration of Conformity for importers and Amazon sellers that provides products with access to the EU market.

6. I want to rebrand an imported product, can you help me? - Yes, we can create a new Declaration of Conformity with you as the manufacturer of that product. All you need to do is provide us with a Declaration of Conformity from the original manufacturer.

7. If I'm selling my product on Amazon, what do I need to do? - You need to provide Amazon with a Declaration of Conformity for the product you want to sell on their marketplace. 

8. I already have a Declaration of Conformity from the manufacturer. Why didn't Amazon accept it? - Your DoC wasn't accepted because it didn't contain some of the product information required by law or didn't have the correct structure. Usually, a Declaration of Conformity issued by a non-European manufacturer has to be recreated by the importer. 

"Very quick and professional service. The DoC from the Chinese manufacturer wasn't structured very well and lacked some information such as brand name and product description. Clever Compliance fixed that, and now my product is on Amazon."

Jeremy Dunkins

"I imported air conditioners from China and wanted to rebrand them. Clever Compliance helped me with the documentation. They issued a new DoC where my company was mentioned as the manufacturer. Great job, many thanks!"

Vladimir Mariatco

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